Thursday, February 7

So long, Farewell...

Happy Chinese New Year, dear readers.

And as all of you SHOULD know by now, I am leaving for Australia in approximately 9 hours time. So here I am, blogging for the last time from KL, for the next 9 months at least.

Also, I have finally decided to change my blog's domain to LiveJournal.

The link ::

No particular reasons. Just wana try something new. Life is all about trying new things, isn't it?

So people, I actually thought of writing a proper farewell but looks like time is what I'm lacking of now. My apologies.

See you people at the end of this year!! Make sure to keep track of my Aussie life at my new blog.

See you there! Ciao ciao.

Love ya!!

Wednesday, February 6

Kuala Selangor

Running out of time.

Good hospitality guarantees you more business. Even though it meant one and a half hour drive to your place to buy fishes from you.

the owner.

work work work on thaipusam day.

lai liu har.
still alive wan wei.

watch this la.
geli like hell.

fresh prawns.
damn big kay.

this was alive still.


crab-ie. sooooo big!

i don't know what fish this is again but it's damn cute!
no fins no tails.
2 colour.

we actually bought this fish, not the cat fish laa.

see how heavy this fish weighs. almost 3kg!!

sun setting, time for fishermen to go home.

thaipusam thingy.

Bye people!!


Went to Coconut Flower, Klang for seafood with family + aunt uncle + aunt uncle nephews.

lala fried meehun.

a type of prawn.


deep fried prawn // salad prawn.

fried calamaris.

lemon chicken.

steam fish.

sweet sour crab.

the bread to dip with.

kam hiong crab.

It was alot but we managed to finish. =))

Again, rushing for time.

Pictures Only

Pictures from December month which I didn't had the chance to post. Running out of time, so its just pictures then.

At Decanter, Bukit Kiara.

Pavilion, obviously.

J. Co Donuts, nothing beats Krispy Kreme.

Amarin Thai, Mid Valley.